Mission, Vision and Values


To empower mainly poor and disadvantaged students in extremely remote villages in Nepal through free and affordable quality education


To cultivate future leaders and agents of change primarily from poor and disadvantaged communities for an equitable, prosperous and peaceful society


1. Selfless Service: We are motivated by heart to educate the disadvantaged students for a better society. We use all means and efforts to help them achieve excellent education.
2. Responsibility: We feel deeply responsible to change our own communities, and we teach our students and their moms to be responsible for the betterment of our own societies.
3. Compassion: We believe in understanding the needy and helping them. We teach our students to be considerate of others and show love to others.
4. Passion to Learn: We strive to instill a deep passion to gain new knowledge in our students so that they become better leaders, activists, innovators and agents of change in future.
5. Integrity: We promote moral principles in our students. We believe Life skills and values in our students as powerful characteristics to spread respect to human rights and peace.
6. Love and Care: We provide utmost care and love to our students and also teach them to do so with each other so that our school becomes a center of joy to learn new ideas, knowledge and skills.

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Parents of one-third of students in each class deposit Rs. 25,000/ per child for free study till class ten, parents of one-third of students pay Rs. 200 per student per month and one third of students study for free in each class.

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