Triangular Concept of Innovative Education in Remote Villages in Nepal

1. Technology-driven Quality Education, Uniform, Supplies and Meals for the Children. Boarding facilities for orphan girls. 
2. Tutorial Classes for Students Studying in Public Schools. 
3. Skill Development Classes and income opportunities for Women. 

How Does The School Manage Its Fund?

Triangular Concept of Managing Funds: Since we are a non-governmental school, government doesn't provide us any funds for our school. Following is the breakdown of how we financially run our school:

1. Small business enterprise in our school:
Since our school is the only place to have electricity in the whole village, we have a photocopy, printing and photo service at our school. We also have a goat farm with about 50 goats. This year we are starting a chicken farm.

2. Contributions From Parents with Income Sources:
Parents of our students who have jobs or business have to pay $100 a year for a child's uniform, books, all fees and a meal a day. Some parents volunteer for 25 days a year at the school instead of paying $100. Students from poor and disadvantaged backgrounds study for free. 

3. Personal and Organizational Donations:
We raise funds from individuals and organization for infrastructure and technology at school. Furthermore, the associated fees and expenses for orphan girls staying at the school are covered by generous donations from individuals. 

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Parents of one-third of students in each class deposit Rs. 25,000/ per child for free study till class ten, parents of one-third of students pay Rs. 200 per student per month and one third of students study for free in each class.

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