Student Profile

  • Kammar Darji

    Kammar Darji

    9 years old

    Kammar Darji was born in a Dalit (so called low caste/ untouchable caste) family. The upper caste people do not drink water touched by his family. His father and mother died of an unknown disease within an interval of a few years. Kammar gets full scholarship to study at Modern Model. Kammar not only feels as equal as other students, but also feels motivated to study.

  • Priyanka Bista

    Priyanka Bista

    7 years old

    Priyanka is the youngest of 5 siblings. Her uncle was killed by the security forces during civil war. Since last year when her dad (33 years old) passed away in Kedarnath India because of massive flash flood, her mom started having hard time feeding 5 children. Priyanka doesn’t know her family’s hardship, but she feels happy at Modern Model and is usually the cheerleader in class.

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Parents of one-third of students in each class deposit Rs. 25,000/ per child for free study till class ten, parents of one-third of students pay Rs. 200 per student per month and one third of students study for free in each class.

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