• Manvir Sunar (Namaraj Sunar’s Father):

    Manvir Sunar (Namaraj Sunar’s Father):

    Lalu-9, Kalikot

    "I always used to dream about sending my son to a school in city so that he could study in an English only school. But I have problem managing hand to mouth for my family. There are times when I am not able to feed my family. My son always used to come back home after just few hours from school because he would say he was hungry and his stomach hurt. Sometimes, he would complain me about people teasing him ‘Dalit’ (low caste untouchable). Now, every time my son comes home from the boarding school in our own village, my heart beats with pride. He is happy and top in class.  I thank all who made this opportunity possible."

  • Kamal Bista’s Grandmother:

    Kamal Bista’s Grandmother:

    Kotbada, Kalikot

    “When I saw this school, I brought 3 of my children from my village which is 5 hours walk from this school and admitted here. My son is in India and is not in contact.  My daughter-in-law doesn’t know much about anything. I need to take care of everything in this old age. But now, my children live in relatives’ house and they are really happy to go to this school every day.  They get free meals too. Sometimes, when I visit them, I go to school and watch TV. I never thought we would have this kind of school in our village. This village is very modern now.”

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Parents of one-third of students in each class deposit Rs. 25,000/ per child for free study till class ten, parents of one-third of students pay Rs. 200 per student per month and one third of students study for free in each class.

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